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STI Freight Management History

Logistics needs are always changing. So are we.

STI Freight Management has come a long way since its establishment in Germany in 1983. With a global network of service partners and 12 offices, STI is recognised as a highly competent freight manager operating under the highest quality control standards.

In fact we strive for top quality and innovation in everything we do - from our logistics infrastructure to the qualifications of our carriers and including our personal customer care. To facilitate our continued growth, all STI companies were merged in 2010 into the STI Freight Management GmbH. This ensures that all audits and process optimisations are uniformly applied across our value chain - so that we can provide our customers with the best possible service.

1983I.T.S. Internationale Transporte & Spedition is founded in Germany to support HAVI Logistics and carry out all pre-transports from the European McDonald's suppliers to the HAVI Distribution Centres. Later on I.T.S. is renamed as S.T.I. (Deutschland) GmbH Internationale Transporte & Spedition
1996S.T.I. France Sarl is established
1997STI-Scandinavia AB, Sweden and S.T.I. (UK) Ltd. as well as S.T.I. Polska Sp. z o.o. are founded
1998Branch Office S.T.I. Russia is opened and Keystone and the Mohebi Group founded S.T.I. Middle East (LLC) in Dubai.
2000S.T.I. Italia S.r.l. is established
2005S.T.I. Hungary Kft. is founded in Budapest.
2008S.T.I. Glonet S.L. is established in Spain
2009The former S.T.I. (Deutschland) GmbH Internationale Transporte & Spedition is renamed as STI Freight Management GmbH to act as holding of the entire network and STI (Deutschland) GmbH is newly founded to handle all operational business in Germany.
2009Re-branding of the STI Global Network including all affiliated companies to present ourselves with one face to the world. 
S.T.I. France Sarl opens its second office in France in the Bayonne area.
2010Final approval from the EU commission has been received for the merger of all European STI companies under one umbrella - Finally the STI Freight Management Group is born!

Shareholder STI Freight Management:
HAVI Global Logistics GmbH and Martin-Brower UK Holdings Ltd.

2011S.T.I. (UK) Ltd. opens its first branch office in Scotland and S.T.I. France Sarl its third office in France (Lyon area).
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